Saturday, 13 May 2017

How to Make your Summer Holidays Meaningful ? - Some Tips

School students are looking buoyant for one reason and that is Summer Holidays ahead. No doubt, holidays instill everybody's mind with fantasies. Dreams of going out, keeping away from studies for a while and so on. Most of them have planning to spend their holidays but there are a few who don't know how to make them holidays.

Yes, holidays mean fun. There is also a big relief after Board Exam Results. But how much ? There should be some limit to that. There should be the proper mingling between fun and learning activity. Even our PM Modi, in his pet program Mann ki Baat, also raised this point while addressing the students. He also suggested some learning programmes for the students.

Here are some tips you can make your Summer Holidays more meaningful -

Make a chart of activity before the holidays start -

It is necessary to chalk out plans as to how to spend the forthcoming holidays. Divide them small parts - Day-wise and hours-wise and do accordingly.

Join the trending courses -

There are some evergreen and trending courses you must join. Some of these are - Computer courses, language learning, cooking, drawing, hand-writing improvement courses etc. These courses shall be useful throughout your life.

Play games in the morning and evening -

As it is very hot, make sure that you play games on daily basis but at the right time. You must choose early morning and evening time for such physical activity. Afternoons must be left for a beautiful siesta.

Watch TV but in a limited way -

TV watching activity must not go on through out the day. There should be some limit. Besides watching your favorite programs, watch some useful ones as well. Listen news and watch knowledge-related programs.

I think these steps will certainly help making your summer holidays quite meaningful. Thanks.


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